Olha ae,  até a Vogue está dizendo:

Saiu na Vogue:

Trudging to the gym just to repeat the same dull exercises or wearing yourself out just to pass the bikini test is the absolute wrong way to welcome the arrival of summer. Original, easy and fun (not to mention practically free), you can hula hoop alone or in company.

Joanna Bragg has even decided to promote the quirky workout through a course in hula-hooping in order to make fitness fun. And it’s worked. Keeping the hoop balanced on your waist is hardly child’s play, but when it falls from your hips to your ankles the worst that can happen is that you burst out laughing. And like all the great fitness regimes, hula hooping has got its share of celebrity fans: from Michelle Obama to Liv Tyler, Marisa Tomei and Beyoncé.


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